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Honey's Honey News

  • The best local honey in the New Forest - it's now official!

    I'm pleased to announce that this year's honey crop is now officially the best in the New Forest! Ringwood Honey and New Forest Heather Honey recen...
  • Local New Forest Heather Honey - available now

    Local New Forest Ling Heather Honey now available to buy. After keeping bees for 5+ years, I'm really pleased to have harvested my first crop of t...
  • Local Ringwood, New Forest Honey - 2019 Harvest Notes

    Local Ringwood New Forest Honey 2019 Harvest Notes  Extraction and tasting notes 2019 was a pretty good year for the bees, but with a rainy June a...
  • Adventures in Selling Local Honey Online

    I run a digital marketing company by day and I have been interested in branding and ecommerce for many years. When I took up bee keeping several ye...
  • Local Ringwood Honey - Harvest Notes 2018

    2018 was the most successful harvest to date - it was a fantastic season with a warm spring and gorgeous summer. Most days seemed to 23c+ and very little rain.
  • Local Ringwood Honey - Harvest Notes 2017

    2017 was a good year - 56 lbs.  Overall the weather was pretty standard. A reasonably warm spring and the usual mixed summer.
  • Local Ringwood Honey - Harvest Notes 2016

    2016 was an average year for production I guess - 40 lbs.  The weather was pretty reasonable for this part of the UK.
  • Local Ringwood Honey - Harvest Notes 2015

    2015, my first year as a bee keeper. Not much honey was extracted - 15 lbs. But the first crop of lovely dark floral honey was delicious.