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New Honey Season 2021

As we head into autumn, a new era dawns for us at Honey's Honey.  Most of this year's honey harvest is now complete - except the much anticipated Ringwood Honey. This means we're once again getting ready to bring you our own honey and the finest local honey we can find from carefully selected beekeepers who share our values.

2021 honey harvest notes

Despite some tricky weather in the spring, our amazing little friends have come through for us once again and produced some beautiful honey from wildflowers, blossom and garden blooms. As we write this, we're hoping that the New Forest heather will also bring us some more exceptional Ringwood Honey this season.

Exciting upgrades for Honey's Honey

We are, of course, making the new honeys available to you in their natural, raw state with nothing added and nothing taken away.  See our new honeys here.

What's also exciting for us is that we now have a new labelling machine and new labels.

Label Machine


We hope you like the upgrade in our honey jars which now have a flower-shaped tamper seal on the lid.


New Tamper Seals for 2021

Should you want to take a trip down memory lane and have a look at last season's honeys, follow this link to see them.



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