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Raw honey in its most natural state

Are you looking for raw honey? Honey that's natural and unprocessed? Well we're very pleased to let you know that the cut honeycomb we now have in stock is as natural as it gets.

Our honeycomb is from the beautiful Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. And to make it the bees have foraged mainly on hawthorn blossom – small pinkish-white flowers which adorn the hedgerows and wild places in late spring.

Hawthorn is a magical plant, native to the British Isles. It's both a tree and a bush, and deserves a whole blog to itself – so watch this space. English cut comb can be hard to find these days and most of the honeycomb currently available in England is imported. 

You can find out more, or order some, on the page Hawthorn Honeycomb from the Isle of Purbeck.

Why do we call it raw honey? 

Raw honey is like other raw foods – a natural, unadulterated product that's unpasteurised and unprocessed so it retains as much of its nutritional value as possible.

There can't be any question that honeycomb definitely falls into this category.

But when it comes to honey in jars, some people don't agree with the word 'raw'. This is because honey has to go through some sort of processing – mainly filtration – to get it into the jar without anything else from the beehive. Otherwise you could be spreading bits of wax and bee body parts on your toast in the morning. And nobody wants that.

All the jarred honey on our site has gone through the minimum filtering possible and nothing more. Nor has it been heated to a temperature above that of the hive (which is some people's definition of raw honey).

We wouldn't dream of pasteurising or micro filtering honey because we want to keep as much of the goodness as possible. Nor do we add any water or sugar.

So we think honey made this way counts as raw. Don't you? Discover or new 2021 honeys:

There's no official, nationwide definition for raw honey in the UK. It's much simpler in the United States, where raw honey is widely considered to be 'honey as it exists in the beehive'.

Whether you agree or disagree with the term raw honey, there's no argument about our honey being natural, full of goodness and, of course, absolutely scrumptious.

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