Honey's Honey is a small (very small) honey brand run by Paul Honey. 

I keep bees in Ringwood, a beautiful market town in Hampshire next to the New Forest. The bees make delicious local honey and if I'm lucky gorgeous local New Forest Heather Honey.  I've also started working with other local beekeepers who share my passion for producing fantastic local honey and who have the highest standards of beekeeping - after all I believe happy bees make better honey. 

Production is very limited and over the years I've been building up a loyal base of customers who love the taste of this unique honey. After the 'family tax', I'm left with a small number of jars to sell. 

People say it's some of the best honey they've tasted and this is probably down to the flora in the area. I also try and keep the process as natural as possible, helping the hives only when I need to, and I keep the extracting and bottling process as simple as possible so as not to change the taste or properties of the lovely local honey.

This really isn't a commercial enterprise. Although I charge quite a lot for a 1/2lb jar, the income comes nowhere near the cost of keeping the bees, the equipment, packaging etc. And to be realistic, paying this amount of money for a jar of honey is a lot – especially when you add on shipping.

But it's not about the money. Natural honey like this is a very special product. Knowing its provenance and the good that bees do as they go about their day-to-day business puts a smile on my face and many of those who also enjoy the honey. 

A bit of history

I guess nominative determinism  (the hypothesis that people tend to gravitate towards areas of work that fit their names) has played a part, along with the fact that my grandfather kept bees. I remember the extraction days fondly with that sweet fresh honey and honey comb – always a childhood treat.

I started keeping bees in 2014, so I'm still a relative novice, but each year the bees have been kind enough to produce some very gorgeous honey. Most is sold locally, but I have sent honey to the USA, Europe and across the UK. 

 Contact Information 

Email info@honeyshoney.co.uk Phone 01425 477027