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Gift Set 5 x mini honey jars

Gift Set 5 x mini honey jars

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This gift box set of 5 x mini honey jars looks great and tastes even better. The small 45g jars don't just look cute in their purpose-made gift box, they're the perfect size to give your loved one a taste of all our pure natural honeys this Christmas.

The five mini jars of honey are presented in a kraft brown cardboard gabled cardboard box with a handle and festive red ribbon. All the honeys are, of course, raw and unprocessed.

Included in the mini jars of honey gift box:

1x New Forest honey 45g

This is multifloral runny honey from flowers growing near Lyndhurst in the New Forest National Park. The bees have been on flowers growing wild and also in people's gardens to make this honey. It's smooth, very sweet and light gold in colour.

1x Ringwood Honey – New Forest heather honey 45g

Our super special award winning honey has been harvested in autumn from bees that have been on the Ling Heather in the New Forest. It's a rich amber thixotropic (gel-like) honey which is slowly pressed from the comb. A rare honey, only available in small quantities, it has a strong honey flavour and a deep amber colour.

1 x Beekeeper's Blend Honey 45g

For this honey, which is only available in small quantities, we've made a special blend of our favourite local honeys. Those who like a thicker honey will be interested to know that this is starting to set. It has a light, sweet taste and we think there's a slightly citrusy tang too.

1x Isle of Purbeck Hawthorn Honey 45g

This is a traditional English heritage honey harvested in spring from bees that have foraged on the hawthorn trees and bushes that grow in the hedgerows and wild places in the southeastern corner of Dorset. It has a deep sweet taste and is a subtle amber colour. You may find it runny, although this honey has started the process of setting.

1 x Isle of Purbeck Summer Honey 45g

Harvested in summer, this honey is made by bees foraging mainly on wildflowers and also some garden flowers in the beautiful Purbeck Hills in Dorset. We can't think of a better way to describe this exceptional natural honey than 'thick, sweet and creamy' because it's thick, but not set. 



Our honey has nothing added and nothing taken away. There's no added sugar or water, just 100% pure honey.

The goodness is preserved because it's not been pasteurised, and it's not micro-filtered either, so pollen grains are present which may make it more beneficial for you.



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We do our best to be environmentally responsible and use recycled and/or recyclable materials. Please recycle the jars, lids, gift box and paper bag or shipping box and packing material.