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Local Ringwood Honey - Harvest Notes 2015

Local Ringwood Honey 2015 Harvest Notes 

2015, my first year as a bee keeper. Not much honey was extracted - 15 lbs. But the first crop of lovely dark floral honey was delicious.  Between family and friends it didn't last long!

I spent the winter months learning about bees and going on the British Beekeepers Beginners course for 8 weeks and spending most Saturdays down at the association apiary learning about how to look after them. 

The bees were pretty active in the spring. Bringing in a lot of stores and enjoyaing the warmer weather. 

The bees arrived and settled in to their new home. The bees are a Buckfast strain, originally bred by Karl Kehrle, better known as Brother Adams from the Buckfast Abbey in Devon. They lie in a sunny corner of the garden.

Honey's Honey - bee hive

The bees foraged on the many local wild flowers and cultivated blooms and really like the yucca when it blooms in June. 

Ringwood Honey - Yucca


Honey's Honey branding 

Along with keeping bees I'm also interested in building up a small honey brand. The griffin on the logo is a copy of a from a family badge as part of our coat of arms. I'm lucky enough to work in a marketing agency and one of the designers was kind enough to to produce the logo.

Honey's Honey - logo source

And after a few bits of creative tinkering the first logo and label was designed!

Ringwood Honey - 2015 jar and design