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New Forest Honey - Mini Jar

New Forest Honey - Mini Jar

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  • Mini 45g jars - perfect taster pots
  • Delicious natural set honey
  • From the New Forest, Hampshire
  • Raw, unprocessed multifloral honey

This delicious runny honey is from bees that live and forage near Lyndhurst in the heart of the New Forest In Hampshire. It's completely pure and natural with only a minimum of filtering to keep in all the goodness.

If you could put lazy summer days in a jar, this would be it! To make this honey, the bees foraged on a wide range of flowers which were growing wild and also in people's gardens. 

Taste, texture and appearance

This honey is smooth, set and very sweet with a uniquely rich flavour. Being a natural product, the colour does vary from deep amber to gold.

Each jar holds 45g.

Why do we call it natural raw honey?

Our honey has nothing added and nothing taken away. There's no added sugar or water, just 100% pure honey.

The goodness is preserved because it's not been pasteurised, and it's not microfiltered either, so pollen grains are present which may make it more beneficial for you.

Three ways to get your honey

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Postage via Royal Mail 

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About our packaging

We do our best to be environmentally responsible and use recycled and/or recyclable materials. Please recycle the jars, lids and paper bag or shipping box and packing material.