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Local Ringwood Honey - Harvest Notes 2015

Local Ringwood Honey 2015 Harvest Notes 

2015, my first year as a bee keeper. Not much honey was extracted - 15 lbs. But the first crop of lovely dark floral honey was delicious.  Between family and friends it didn't last long!

I spent the winter months learning about bees, going on the British Beekeepers Beginners course for 8 weeks and spending most Saturdays down at the association apiary learning about how to look after them. 

In May, the bees arrived and settled in to their new home. The bees are a Buckfast strain, originally bred by Karl Kehrle, better known as Brother Adams from the Buckfast Abbey in Devon. They live in a sunny corner of the garden.

Honey's Honey - bee hive

The bees foraged on the many local wild flowers and cultivated blooms and really like the yucca when it blooms in June. 

Ringwood Honey - Yucca


Honey's Honey branding 

Along with keeping bees I'm also interested in building up a small honey brand. The griffin on the logo comes from a family badge that is part of our coat of arms. I'm lucky enough to work in a marketing agency and one of the designers was kind enough to produce the logo.

Honey's Honey - logo source

And after a few bits of creative tinkering the first logo and label were designed!

Ringwood Honey - 2015 jar and design

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