Local Ringwood Honey 2020

Local Ringwood Honey 2020

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Fresh natural unfiltered honey from bees that live in Ringwood, on the borders of the New Forest in Hampshire. 

The honey is as natural as it gets – not heated and not overly filtered so it contains all the goodness of raw natural honey.

The bees forage on many different plant species throughout the year and the honey this year contains a delicious mix of heather and other summer flowers. 

The honey is darker than last year and has an exquisite flavour.  It's strong and very sweet 

The 2020 crop was made throughout the spring and summer months and extracted in September. It comes in 227 g (1/2 lb) jars.

For more details about the 2020 crop, please read the Ringwood, New Forest Honey 2020 Harvest Notes


What do we mean by fresh natural honey?

Our honey is not pasteurised which means that all the goodness of the honey is kept. It's also not micro filtered which means for example pollen grains are present in the honey which makes it more beneficial for you and last but not least there is no added sugar or water - just 100% pure honey.  


If you live locally - 3 miles of Ringwood, use the code Ringwood at checkout and we'll deliver it for free. Mainland UK charges are £4.00 for up to 2 jars. European shipping charges, including Channel Islands, are based on weight. Sorry we can't ship to the US. 

About the packaging 

We try to be as environmentally conscious as possible with our honey and this includes the packaging. The jars and lids are recyclable (although they are premium jars so you may want to keep them). The packaging material is all made from certified recyclable materials and is fully recyclable.